Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Toronto Fire Service visits the 433rd!

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At our last meeting, we had a visit from the Toronto Fire Service.

We learned about basic fire safety, including:
  • smoke alarms (batteries and hush buttons)
  • a family escape plan and meeting spots
  • calling 911 immediately
  • crawling out under the smoke
  • stop, drop, and roll
  • not reentering the building for any reason
  • not opening windows and blocking the crack under the door
  • making yourself obvious to firefighters (dancing in the window and not hiding in your room)
We also
  • learned about some of the leading causes of fires in Toronto.
  • saw a demonstration of firefighting clothing
  • had a fun obstacle course to test our fire skills

This activity counts towards our Family Safety Badge and Blue Star requirement B4.

Safety kits including an escape planning guide were sent home.

In the next couple of weeks Cubs can bring their completed plan in and we will complete the badge work.

Here are some links to fire safety resources:
  • Toronto fire prevention resources, here.
  • Sparky the Fire Dog, a kid and family focused site, here.
  • Kid focused activities for teachers from the Ontario Fire Marshall's Safety Council, here.
  • Parent resources from the the Ontario Fire Marshall's Safety Council, here.
  • Ontario Office of the Fire Marshall's main safety page, here.
Special thanks to Colin's mom and the TFS!

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