Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Great Astronomers Badge Swap

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I'd like to propose a modest project. To gather a collection of one of each astronomers badges from Scouters across the world.

Phase one would be a virtual collection. Please send me a digital photo of the badge and a photo or scanned image of the badge requirements. Please include group information and address. I'll put the collection together and make it available later. I'm thinking that I'll use the information in a Google map (like the map of the Solar System in Toronto in Astronomical Distances). And I'll track progress below.

Later it would be very nice to arrange a physical collection. I'd be willing to send a Canadian Astronomers badge to other Scouters that send me one from their country. But I want to coordinate this on a first come first serve basis so I don't have a bunch of folks send badges from the same place. If you are interested in this second phase, please contact me by email to coordinate an exchange.

Anyone wishing to send me one from their country can contact me at the email address on the sidebar (its obscured as an image so I don't get buried in spam) using the E-mail Me link under Contact and the GuestBook widget on the sidebar.

Thanks - Mang!

Note: contact information will not be published.

Progress Updates:
  1. Astronomer Badge - Canada.
  2. Skies Badge - South Africa
  3. UK Astronomy Badge 
Please click on the BadgeSwap label below to see other related badges and entries.

1 comment:

Akela Joy said...

What a great idea!
Here in South Africa, the requirements for our SKIES BADGE are as follows:
1. Identify 2 constellations and the Southern Cross.
2. Make a pinhole planetarium and show 3 constellations.
3. Identify 4 cloud types
4. visit a planetarium or spot a satellite and record the time of sighting and its path across the sky.
I will send you a scan of the badge soon.
Akela Joy