Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Tides Game

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The Tides Game is an educational steam-off game. The game illustrates the affect of the moon on the Earth's Oceans.

The players:
  • "moon" - a cub
  • "sun" - a cub/leader
  • "ocean" - the pack
Have the pack assemble in a parade circle. Explain that the part of the ocean closest the moon moves towards the moon slightly (one step outward) and that the ocean on the opposite side of the world will move in the opposite direction. After the moon passes, the ocean returns to its normal position.

Have the moon circle the Earth a few times.

Once they get the hang of the Moon, add the Sun. The Sun moves around the outside much slower. When the Moon and Sun line up, have the cubs take an extra step.

The game starts out slowly and gets faster.

For added fun and silliness, start with moon & sun moving normally and later add extra moons.

This should help your cubs understand the basics of tidal movement. Of course our tides are a bit more complicated that this, but it conveys the basics.

Astronomy Badge: requirement 5 (Know phases of the moon and moons role in causing tides).

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