Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Polite Comments are Welcome, SPAM is not.

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I encourage comments on this blog. I just ask that if you make them consider that the audience is includes kids. In particular kids of Cub and Scout age (8-13).
All comments are reviewed with this audience in mind. Inappropriate comments and comments containing bad language will be removed (there is no way to edit out bad words). Spammers and very offensive material will be reported and removed. 

Comments posted to recent articles will  appear immeadiately and will be reviewed.  Comments posted to older articles will be held for review.

The following are subject to rejection:
  • Obvious product advertisements (and additionally reported)
  • Offensive languages (and potentially reported)
  • Personal attacks and "flames"
  • Random nonsense (possible testing by spammers)
  • Unsolicited and off topic
  • Unreachable links
If a post is otherwise worthwhile, I may choose to re-post and delete individual bad words.

I will attempt to be reasonable, if there is a discussion about a type of product. Simple and informative posts about something in the same class of product and discussions of pros and cons of these products are expected.

I reserve the right to revise this policy without notice, reinstate comment moderation or take other actions to control spam/offensive material.

And to the spammers who wanted us to know about your alleged anti-virus solution, weight loss product, and enhancements Now you know. BTW, your blogger ID and all your links were reported as abuse.

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