Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Astronomy and space in the news

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Here are a few links to some interesting astronomy articles from (mostly) last year.
  • Will an asteroid whack Mars, here?
  • The importance of searching for small asteroids, here.
  • The weird case of the Death Star Galaxy, here.
  • A "nearby" star with 5 planets, here.
  • Why a space probe was confused with a possible dangerous asteroid, here.
  • Uncle Sam is going to Mars, here.
  • Why the Moon makes us special, here.
  • The case of the comet's disappearing tail, here.
  • The little robots that could, here.
  • Roving satellite photographs the dark side of Earth, here.
  • More clues to life on Mars here.
  • Large Earth like planet discovered orbiting a Red Dwarf star, here.
  • Worlds in collision, here?

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