Saturday, October 25, 2008

TD Coin Counting Machines Pass Scout Apple Day Workout!

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Apple Day is one of the biggest fundraisers for many Scout groups. Every youth has a donation tin. People donate their spare change, loonies, toonies, and some even donate bills. Many do not even take an apple or the little button hole donation card. (When we used to go door to door, one elderly gentlemen actually donated an apple to us!)

Every year it has been a large effort by people in the group to count and roll all the coins in all those tins and get them to the bank and make a deposit. This year after a couple of personal test runs, I can report back that the TD's coin counters are robust and reliable. We counted over 40 tins worth of change in just over an hour. It would have been faster if we were not concerned with a per tin tally. We were duly impressed by the performance and reliability of equipment.

In addition to the things I learned before (see Free Coin Counting Service!), here are a few more things, I found out about the machines:
  • They don't take 50 cent pieces (neither does the bank because they can't give them out).
  • The blue lights mean the bin is full.
  • When you have a lot of coins, very occasionally good coins will get rejected. Put them through again.
  • It seems to know when you've checked for rejected coins. And don't rush it at the end of a cycle.
In addition to the 2002 Canadian 50 cent piece that I bought back from the group. I also have a 2004 British Penny, and a 2000 Albanian 5 Leke piece.

I also wish to thank the staff at the 1440 Royal York branch and the patient customers behind us (who all said they'd wait for us to finish).

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Anonymous said...

Learnt today the hard way that when the reject bin gets full, the machine stops working (i didnt bother empying it). The error message is simply "The machine needs attention".. very a la windows :)

The staff at wanless/hurontario branch was patient and helpful. And ill take one of the staff members word for it when i asked if its accurate.. "Its preeety accurate" she said.