Saturday, October 25, 2008

First JOTI

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I had been hoping to arrange to do a full and proper event around JOTI, but this was not to be. Instead I'll report on my JOTI baby steps.
  • JOTI coincided with Apple Day which is a major fund raiser for our group. As a result this put a bit of a crimp in scheduling an event around JOTI. I had hoped to see if there was an Internet connection at our meeting hall and Apple Day coordination centre but wasn't able to do so.
  • The second challenge was setting up a computer and test the requisite chat software to ensure it operated correctly. Again, time and other commitments were the enemy.
  • I fell back to e-mail and web chat. I found the web chat software to be finicky. At one point I seemed to be connected but out of channel where no one could hear me.
  • e-mail using the station lookup proved reliable but far less interactive than the full JOTI experience promised.
I sent hello messages from our group to a number of groups in such places as: Alaska, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Barbados, Iceland, Brazil, Croatia, Sweden, Ireland, Mexico, Egypt, Norway, Israel, Finland, and others. I also received some hellos from several different groups around the world. Below I've listed their web sites (if they have them).
  • Dalyellup Scouts in Western Australia, here. Hi Joanne.
  • Palmerston North Scouts in New Zealand, here. Hi Penny, Harry, William and Edward
  • 243rd Tuscany Scouts in Alberta Canada, here. Hi Aklea Scott.
  • Oulu Finland, here. Hi Andrew.
  • AVSC in Padua Italy, here. Hi Ugo.
  • 9th Benoni in South Africa, here. Hi Joy and Peter.

Also, some of the groups may not have yet had a chance to reply to the messages but should be able to find me through this web site's E-mail Me widget.

Unfortunately, the JOTI search stations / send message doesn't cc you back. If you don't keep track of who you said hi to - you could be out of luck.

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