Friday, June 6, 2008

Camp cleanup with destructive science!

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Rob over at The Orbiting Frog likes to post easy and fun science experiments involving food and drink. Previously I commented on his article explaining how we can measure the speed of light with a microwave in Yummy Science Experiment - eating up the speed of light!

Now he's found a found a fun experiment to aid any camper that needs to carry out their litter, please see Air Pressure and Coke Cans.

Ok, stamping on them is more efficient. But is it really as much fun?

And if you doubt the power of this simple trick, a maple syrup producer has a freight car sized tank that was first crushed and then re-inflated by the power of air pressure and steam. (Note: The maple syrup producer was McCutcheon's south of Coldwater not far from our year-end camp at Wye Marsh).

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