Thursday, February 5, 2009

Astronomy Links from Jan/Feb 2009 Scouting Life Magazine

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The January/February 2009 issue of Scouting Life Magazine featured an astronomy article "Explore the Night Sky" by Jim Cornish and a companion article "Make Your Stargazing Events Shine" by myself. These contained a number of web page links which you can find below:

Explore the Night Sky
  1. Words Ya Gotta Know from Sky and Telescope
  2. Printable Sky Maps from
  3. Printable Sky Maps from Starry Night Online
  4. The Planets and Solar System from Astronomy Today
  5. A Shooting Star Calendar from Meteorshowers Online
  6. Artificial Stars from NASA Orbital Tracking
Indoor Stargazing Activities (sidebar)
  1. Make your own Constellations (in a Canister) from Space
  2. The Mythology of the Constellations from Comfy Chair
  3. Make a Star Finder from NASA's Space Place for Kids
Orion, The Hunter (sidebar)
  1. StarDate Online Constellation Guide from U Texas
Make Your Stargazing Events Shine
  1. This Week's Sky at a Glance from Sky and Telescope
  2. Observing Forecasts for over 3,500 locations from Clear Sky Charts
  3. Charts on Satellite, Space Station, Shuttle flights and others from Heaven's Above
2009 The International Year of Astronomy (sidebar)
  1. Astronomy 2009 from the IYA
More Astronomy Links (Scouting Life Website)
  1. Night Sky from
  2. Night Sky Video from the Hubble Site
  3. The 10 Brightest Stars from
  4. The 26 Brightest Stars from WISC
  5. Welcome to the Planets from NASA's JPL (corrected)
  6. Shoebox Planetarium from Middleschool Science
  7. Tin Can Planetarium from Familyfun (note: article is at the very bottom of the page)
  8. Cyberchase Games Star Gazing from PBS Kids
  9. Star Journey from National Geographic
  10. The Hubble Space Telescope Site from NASA
  11. Stargazing Basics from Sky and Telescope
  12. Windows to the Universe from UCAR
  13. Sky Almanac from StarDate Online
  14. Stargazing Weather for Canadian Cities from The Weather Network
  15. 2009 Monthly Sky Guides from Space (updated)
  16. Constellations by Month from WISC
  17. Your Sky from Formilab
  18. Sky Map from Sky Map
  19. Sky Cafe Interactive Planetarium from Sky View Cafe
  20. Google Sky


Akela Joy said...

Thank you for all these fabulous links - have had a look at a few of them and they are awesome!
Take Care

Gordo said...

Excellent piece, Mang. I'm going to email this list to our guys: we just did the Astronomer badge.