Friday, July 18, 2008

Hut 33 and Astronomy

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Hut 33 (and here) is a BBC radio comedy set in 1941 at the super secret code breaking organization at Bletchley Park. Although fictional, the code breakers of the Hut are brilliant and occasionally quirky much like the real people who worked there. This group is a bit more dysfunctional.

In the inaugural episode of Hut 33, a young and naive Gordon (the prodigy) found himself on a Valentines day date with Minka. A very nervous Gordon seeks advice on this sensitive topic. On Mrs. Best's advice to talk about the stars and her eyes, Gordon prepares himself.

Just before the date, Archie asks Gordon about how he's prepared for the date. Gordon indicates he has lots of material about the stars and eyes ... "They're created through an equilibrium between the compressional force of gravity and the outward pressure of radiation ...". Panic and hilarity ensue.

In later episodes we find out Gordon was a Cub Scout. See "Hut 33 finds Mowgli" and "Hut 33 returns with more Scouting connections".

Great news, Hut 33 was just approved for a third series.

Update: Hut 33 Series 1 is being replayed on BBC4, see here. Episode 1 is set for August 5th @ 6:30pm. Episode 2 will play on the 12th. Presumably episodes will play weekly. You can catch up for up to a week on "Listen Again" off the series page or here.

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